I'm Engaged... Now What?!

January 3, 2019


If you got engaged this past winter season, firstly – CONGRATS!! This is such an exciting time filled with joy and love and I’m happy to be on this ride with you.


Now that your Instagram feed has been properly updated and the world is up to speed on your big announcement, and you've done your best happy dance... it’s time to dive into the big day. But where do you start?



The first-place new couples go is Pinterest and Instagram, which is a great start! These can give you idea’s and inspiration. If you already have an idea in your head about what you want this day to look like, you can start to hone in on ways to make that idea a reality. If you are starting completely from scratch, start to look at a bunch of different things and save photos that make your heart swoon at first glance.  


Okay so you got your Pinterest board filled to the brim and tons of input from your girlfriends and family but now what?


This is where things will sometimes start to feel a little overwhelming. You have to get a dress, flowers, a venue, pick dresses for your bridesmaids, pick your bridesmaids, find a photographer, get invitations, taste a bunch of cakes… oh and don’t forget to keep everything under budget!


I know that all sounds crazy and stressful, and if you are anything like me, you feel like you need that all figured out the second you said yes to “will you marry me”? But you don’t, you have time. And you don’t have to do it by yourself.


The most important part about planning a wedding is organization! Something I’ve seen a lot of couple do is actually create a new email address specifically for wedding related things. Create a new Gmail account and only use that email when you sign up for wedding websites, order invitations and contact vendors. This will keep everything in one place and will make sure your catering menu doesn’t get lost in your Hobby Lobby coupons or that important email from your boss.


For people who go paperless, create a new folder on your desktop to keep everything in the same place on your computer as well. Keep any quotes, contracts and order confirmations in there. If you are old school and like to have tangible things, get yourself and wedding folder or binder. Again, keep everything in that folder or binder. Use highlighters, stickies, tape… whatever you need to keep yourself in check.


My best tip though is of course… you guessed it, hire a wedding planner! A lot of couples don’t think about this until you are overwhelmed and need someone to help sift through everything. Which is totally fine! But if you get someone in on your plans from the very beginning, we can help stop it from getting overwhelming from the start.


Find a planner or coordinator that fits with your personality, someone you personally get along with. This person should be your wedding BFF! Whether they are helping design the entire wedding, coaching you along the way or stepping in for the big day they can be a lot of help. If nothing else, they are a complete outside third-party view point that can give you an opinion based on things they’ve seen in the past.


A lot of couples and families also see a planner as a luxury not a necessity. Trust me, having someone keep your budget in line, point you to vendor’s they personally have worked with in the past and – most importantly – absorb the stress of the big day itself is absolutely priceless for the couple.


The point of having a planner, or a day-of coordinator, is to relieve the stress. Your wedding day, and all the days leading up to it, should be fun and easy and magical. Having a planner or coordinator means that you, your future spouse, your parents, their parents, your friends and your sweet grandma don’t have to worry about the florist being late, or the cake melting or where the DJ needs to set up under the tent. 


Okay so back to the original question… I’m engaged, now what?

  1. Get inspired!

    • Start building your dream wedding without limitations.

  2. Get organized!

    • You know what works best for you to stay on top of things, do that.

  3. Get a planner!

    • Find someone you get a long with and trust them to help you stay on track and on budget.

    • If you already have the wedding planned because you’re crazy organized and have been dreaming of this your whole life (same), get a day-of coordinator to take over the day of your wedding so you can enjoy all of your hard work!



Photo by Meghan Klement









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