Why You Need A Day-of Coordinator

March 1, 2017


A lot of brides have friends and family members to help plan their wedding, that is beyond fantastic! Having your family and close friends be apart of the wedding planning adventure is so fun. But when it comes to the actual day of the wedding, you'll want someone else to deal with all the crazy behind-the-scence madness that happens. 


If you're a bride that totally has a handle on the planning and design process but you're questioning if you should hire a day-of coordinator, your answer is YES! Here are 3 really simple reasons why. 


1. Your venue's event coordinator is NOT a day-of coordinator. Many venues will tell you they have a coordinator on-site to help you throughout the entire day. While that is definitely true for the majority of venues, they are not the same as a third-party day-of coordinator. Ultimately that coordinators main responsibility is the venue. (I've been this person before, so trust me on this). Meaning if something were to happen with the venue itself that coordinator is obligated to tend to that first, leaving you and your party for that time. As a day-of coordinator, our only obligation that day is to you! We are running around taking care of the "backstage" things, organizing vendors and making decisions on your behalf. Our entire purpose is to make your day special, so the only thing pulling us from that is... well nothing, because anything that take our attention has to do with your day! We'll work with the venues coordinator to ensure everything is going smooth from their perspective the same way we do with all the other vendors, so that you can enjoy the day. 


2. Mom's always take the brunt! On the day of the wedding the mother of the bride (MOB) is always the first go-to person. If something goes wrong, a vendor is behind schedule or the cake is melting the first person to be notified is the MOB. Mostly because she is likely the person who knows the most about the big day, second to the bride of course. Since all of the vendors are different moving parts of the engine, they rely on the driver (mom) to tell them what to do. This creates a lot of stress for mom! She's trying to enjoy the day with you and soak up the last few hours she has with you before you're married and instead she's getting asked 100 questions and making split second decisions. As a day-of coordinator, we become the driver. So we are the person all those moving parts come to with questions and problems. We'll make sure we know where everyone is supposed to be and when before the big day so that we are well equipped to make decisions for you and mom never has to be bothered. Imagine drinking mimosas and enjoying time with your mother while all of those details are being taken care of for you!! 


3. If it's not mom, it's you. The second person who always gets asked tons of questions on the big day, is the bride! Like I said before, you and your mom are the experts of your wedding day. You've put months of planning into this so you guys know exactly what it's supposed to look like and where things go. So if something goes wrong, mom will get asked and if she doesn't know she'll go to you. So in the middle of getting your make-up done with your best friends you're answering questions about the dessert table. Then more times than not, your friends jump in to help you out and volunteer to take care of the issue. Now your mom and friends are out taking care of that dessert table and you're left alone in the bridal suite. Or worse, you're taking care of the dessert table and missing out on the fun of getting ready with your best friends! Either way, a day-of coordinator would take care of any issue that came up without disturbing you and your pre-wedding fun. 


Your wedding day is supposed to be fun and exciting and relaxed! But there will always be something that comes up that needs to be dealt with. Instead of having to take care of that yourself, or having your mom deal with it, hire a day-of coordinator. Our main purpose is to make your day as easy as possible. To make you feel like a VIP on your wedding day (see what I did there...? VIP Event Planning, you're a VIP...)!


From organizing vendor arrival to getting you down the aisle to the first dance with your life partner, a day-of coordinator will make the entire day run smoothly. You, your mom and the entire bridal party can sit back and relax on your wedding day knowing that your day-of coordinator is putting out fires along the way. 




Photography: Ashley Rose Productions

Floral: Sophisticated Foral

Rentals: The Party Place

Dress: Brides For A Cause

Hair & Makeup: Brittany Blanchard Makeup


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