Don't Forget The Candles

January 6, 2017

When you start planning your wedding or event there are a few things that come to mind when thinking about what you need to get. Food is obviously a huge one! Then there's flowers, the guest list, the music, the DRESS. But one of the most important elements to an event design often gets overlooked until the last minute. What is that important element you ask? If you read the title you probably guessed it, CANDLES!! 




Candles are wonderful because they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. And the vessels to hold your candles are endless. How fun does that sound already? Candles bring an elegant and romantic feel to every room they are in. Whether they are scented or not, just the sheer presence of a candle adds ambiance. That small twinkle of the flame makes everything feel warmer and cozier. No matter what season we are in, candles are always in style! Here are my top 3 favorite ways to incorporate candles. 


Votives. These little guys are probably the most underrated variation of candles out there. These are the smallest version but have a million opportunities. Even though they are little, the give off an amazing ambiance and glow, and they fit perfectly on any table. I like to use votives as a filler almost. Since they are small they will tuck into smaller places well and give off the same effect. Maybe you've already put out your floral centerpieces and table numbers but the table still feels a little empty. Your answer is votives. Small enough to not make a huge statement but effective enough to give that romantic glow. Bonus points to these guys for also bringing in accent colors. If you have gold or silver accents in your design, they have mercury votives that are to die for! 

*They also now have different heights... I mean does it get any better?!


Candelabras and candle sticks. This is a big trend we are seeing for this upcoming year and definitely one I can get behind. For one candle sticks themselves can come in different colors. What better way to bring in a pop of your accent color than with a candle sticking straight up on your tables. The candelabras also have so many variations. You can go with a gold and vintage look or choose a glass one with more a modern shape. Spreading these out down a long table gives such an elegant touch and can really bring your design together. Place them around your centerpiece to give it some height! Throw in a few votives around the base to fill in the dead spots... Again, I just don't see how it gets better. 


Last but certainly not least, the timeless cylinder vase. These are the most commonly used vessel for your candles because they never age and are always gorgeous. The best thing about this variation is the amount of sizes available. Clustering a few different sizes next to each other is my favorite way to see these used. Either in clusters down the aisle or on your guest tables, it will make everything look more romantic. Combining 3 or 4 different sizes in a cluster gives you depth and will add so much to your table or your aisle. 


Use one in your design or use them ALL! You cannot go wrong adding candles your design. I know I said it doesn't get better but brace yourself because it's about to get better... They are incredibly inexpensive!! You can buy the candles themselves in bulk at almost any store (especially check craft stores). Rent all the vases and candelabras from a local rental company to save money and time. 


So there is your friendly reminder to think about candles while your designing your wedding or event. They are such an inexpensive way to add a lot of ambiance! I cannot wait to see how we incorporate them in your next event. 

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