Why You Need A Wedding Planner

December 16, 2016


Alright, so one of the most common things we wedding planners hear is “Why do I need a wedding planner?” or “I’m sure I can plan this myself!” SO I’m here to tell you exactly why a wedding planner is always a good idea for your big day. Whether you’re the girl that’s been dreaming of the perfect wedding day since you were little or the person who never thought marriage was for you; I’m here to make this process easy and fun. Here are the reasons you should definitely have a wedding planner.


I’m sure we’ve all seen Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner and thought “that seems like a really fun and glamorous profession”! However, that’s not always the case (and trust me, we all don’t go around falling in love with the groom!!). But what the movie doesn’t show is all the contracts, deadlines and paperwork we can help with. The average wedding uses about 10 vendors, that’s 10 deadlines, contracts and contact information that needs to be kept organized. Deposit deadlines, final payment deadlines, final head counts, tastings, appointments, the list goes on. There is a lot to keep in order. A planner will help keep all of that organized FOR you and remind you of when things need to be done.


10 vendors is also a lot of calls and emails to be answering! Remember too that these vendors typically work normal business hours, meaning they’re working when you’re working. Most bosses I’m aware of aren’t fond of tons of personal calls on the clock. So a wedding planner can field all of those calls for you! We’ll usually be able to answer their questions right away but if we can’t we’ll compile all the questions in an easy to answer way for you. Just this benefit alone makes a huge difference in wedding planning. Not having to answer tons and tons of questions makes it less stressful for you and your significant other.


And let’s talk about picking those 10 vendors you’re working with. A wedding planner has likely worked with many of the local wedding vendors more than once. Meaning we can help chose vendors that will fit the style and feel of your wedding. And we know exactly what questions to ask and what details need to be decided before appointments to make sure time is used effectively. Plus we can help with pricing and ensuring that you’re spending your money wisely in each line item.


Speaking of budgets… We’ll help keep that guy in check! Since we are usually apart of the vendor meetings we’ll keep your budget updated so that you don’t overspend. Deadlines also have a fun way of sneaking up on you. Your wedding planner keeps track of deadlines and makes sure everyone gets paid on time. Time lines are also huge during the planning process. Let us keep everyone on track and you won’t feel any of that stress.


Last reason, those last minute details. Most couples get that “we just want it to be over” feeling a month before the wedding. That is so not okay!! You’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into this day; the last thing you should be feeling is exhausted and drained from it. While you are enjoying bachelorette parties, bridal party lunches and rehearsal dinners, we are behind the scenes making sure all the vendors are where they need to be, on time and with the correct items. Our goal is always fix problems before they become problems. Especially during the big day itself, while you’re having your hair and make up done with your best friends, we’ll be running around taking care of last minute details. You can relax and enjoy your day while we do all the work for you!


Ready to start planning your wedding? Be treated like the VIP you truly are during the planning process and have fun while doing it!


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