Hello, Engagement Season!

December 12, 2016


We've finally made it, the most magical part of the year! No matter what holiday you celebrate there is no denying that the air is just different in the winter. Spirits are brighter, coffee is warmer and all the lights can brighten even the Grinch's soul (see what I did there?). And the best part of this magic? Engagement Season!! 38% of couples get engaged between November and February with the large majority of that being in December. Fun Fact: 9 out of the top 10 dates to get engaged happen during engagement season, the 10th most popular date is the 4th Of July. 


So here are some Engagement Season tips! 


--- If you have a suspicion your boyfriend could be proposing this season, keep up with your manicure. The first thing you do after he gets off his knee is take a picture of the ring, nothing is worse then bitten nails! Boyfriends, if she isn't a manicure kind of girl maybe gently push her toward getting one beforehand. Suggest a girls day with her friends, we don't say no to that very often! 


--- Make sure your mom and friends know what kind of ring you like. This one is HUGE girls!! Unless you are leaving Jared's and Kay's catalogues open is random places around the house, chances are he doesn't know exactly what you want. So his first turn will likely be to your mom and/or your friends. The majority of ring decisions are still being made without your direct input so make sure your wing-women know what to say when he asks what cut and style you like. For example, my best friend and I have pictures on our phones of exactly what the other likes knowing our SO's would definitely ask us! 


--- Now for the guys... Most women want the moment you pop the question to be well documented. However, we also want it to be special. Your best bet is to hire a photographer to be in cognito and capture every second of it. Depending on your girlfriend we usually like to have our friends and family involved as well. This is a big moment in our life and we'll want to call our mom right after it happens. So what if instead of having to make that call, SURPRISE her mom, family and friends come out from behind the trees?! 


--- Last one for the guys. Remember that this is a special and big moment but make sure that it's true to you as a couple. If your girl is a little more reserved and doesn't like too much attention, don't make it a big spectacle and have her feel super uncomfortable. If you think she'd want her family to be directly apart of it then rally them together and have them there! If you have a complex idea and feel overwhelmed but know that she'll love it, hire a planner (ME!) to help organize and coordinate everything. 



In the events industry wedding season is like baseball in October, football in late January or March Madness. But engagement season... This is our Spring Training, mini camp, or pre-season. A little Christmas magic with a dash of diamonds, need I say more? I'm definitely ready for an amazing season! 


Yay for engagements! 


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